Art is not a thing so much as a process.

It’s something I do to show you that I believe it matters how you feel.

It matters that you have beauty around you.

You are worth delighting and inspiring.

It’s a process that I do to share the sense of magic that comes from seeing with your heart as well as your eyes.

I make art to remind us how many different ways there are to see things, how sometimes things or people are more magical than they seem.

Art reminds us that feelings matter.

Imagination matters.

Dreams matter.

We grow from the inside out.

We heal from the inside out.

We create from the inside out.

Art feeds the inside.


Art isn’t paint, it’s love.
— phillip hicken


My name is Lisa Dulany and I am an artist, writer, and sweet weirdo with a dream.

My dream is for everyone to know that they are irreplaceable, worthy, beautiful beings.  I don’t really feel like I have much in this life figured out, but I feel the truth of this in my heart: Knowing who you are and that you are loved and beautiful can make all the difference. Every moment of beauty that we experience is actually a reflection of who we really are—to remind us of our true nature, which is miraculous, gorgeous, and part of the infinite whole. We’re beautiful, and we’re always inside the beating heart of Love.

I believe that art is able to inspire that exact kind of knowing and healing. My goal is to bring those moments of beauty, peace, and emotional healing to everyone that I possibly can.  

I show my faith by sharing what I make with whoever needs it, whoever can be inspired by it, because everyone--no qualifiers whatsoever--deserves messages of love, hope and inspiration. Which is what art is.


You can give art too!  I would love to have you be part of my Patreon community, where it's easy for you to support this open-hearted way of giving beautiful art and messages of love.  You can give just $1/month!  I couldn't--and wouldn't want to--do this without you. 




With your support I paint and give art to individuals and organizations (folks on my list include seniors, children, hospitals and non-profits like women’s shelters, just to name a few). Because of your help, I give—instead of sell—much of my work, and believe me, these gifts are appreciated beyond my ability to describe. You will be thanked and prayed for and good-vibed more than you could guess for your contributions.

Art is always made with high quality materials and finishes—which helps get across our message that everyone deserves magic, beauty, and dignity.

I’m also educating myself about the eco-friendliness of art supplies and equipment, and always trying to implement more sustainable practices.


With your support, I can also devote time to the blog I write for creative, sensitive young people, “Be You, Unicorn Boo!” It's a safe, beautiful place for all young (& young at heart!) magical creatures with positive messages, radical kindness, empowering art projects, yoga & meditation, and inspiring resources.

And—this is exciting!—I’m working on a book to share those messages even further. Whether it will find the right publisher or be self-published is TBD, but my heart is in this big time, and when I think of the kiddos who will turn its pages and know that they are beloved & magical, I am overcome.


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