Art is for Everyone...

*I’m all out of art gifts at the moment, and unable to take requests, but hope to have more availability soon! I am currently working my day job, hibernating as much as possible for the winter, and creating new art for gifting—I will update my Collections page as I have more to share. Thank you so much for your support and interest!*

What I can do:

If you work for a non-profit, business or agency that serves people in some way, I’d love to provide some bright, uplifting art for your clients. I put together a selection (and can install if need be) of various-sized art in a HeART Gallery. Clients may take art and can "pay forward" an act of beauty when they are able.  

Art for any open walls you have in your building's public or classroom/counseling spaces. (I really believe being surrounded by beautiful things can make a difference in how you perceive your own worth.)

Art for your offices—refilling the cups of people who give so much.

Art for individuals who wouldn't otherwise have access to it, or might not realize how much it could uplift them--feel free to inquire about a piece for a child, grandparent or elder, or someone who could really use a bright spot in their life.


I love to be able to offer some of my art as Pay It Forward or Pay What You Can.

If you are interested in donating/being a part of our giving community, you can do that here. I really rely on the financial support of my patrons--I couldn't do this without you! 

*I am only working with local (Greater Lansing, MI area folks) at the moment--this saves shipping and driving costs, and allows me to get more art out into the world. Thank you for understanding!

Examples of what a HeART Gallery might look like--we can work with the space you have!

Examples of what a HeART Gallery might look like--we can work with the space you have!