How to be a Unicorn



Do you know who you are?

I do, baby.

I know who I am and I know who you are. We’re souls that can feel all the feelings. We’re crazy about magic. We’re in love with beauty. We’re wildflowers, we’re fairies riding bumblebees, we’re mer-people of the turquoise sea, we’re rainbows whose kindness and gentleness stretch out to infinity.

We are unicorns.

What does it really mean to be a unicorn? I think that it means you know you’re special. You know you’re different. And maybe you’re not sure if you want to be different, but you know you want to be YOURSELF.

That’s how I felt, and that’s what I wanted.

Now of course, in our hearts, we all know exactly how to be ourselves. WE ALWAYS KNOW. But sometimes, in all of this life-stuff, we forget who we are. This actually happens to pretty much everybody, so it’s okay. We see and go through things that hurt--really, really hurt. And make us angry. Furious. Terrified. I grew up a long time ago, before anybody in my world knew how to talk about being sensitive, or believing in magic. To tell you the very truth, it was pretty hard. I got laughed at and bullied and told I was weird. It was sad and confusing to absorb, because I hadn’t known I was weird, I just thought I was ME. I was emotional, and had so many ideas and dreams that nobody really understood--I cried more than everyone else I knew put together. It took me a while to find a place where I really fit. To tell you the very, VERY truth, I didn’t really feel at home in my world until I re-imagined it for myself.

So to me, being a unicorn is about a lot of fun and magical things (like wearing flower crowns and being friends with mermaids and talking to crystals, YOU KNOW…), but it’s also about radical kindness to myself and every other being. We all share the Universe, and we’re all important. And we’re all wonderful the way we are. The thing about unicorns is that we SEE this--maybe you’re highly sensitive, or intuitive, or empathic, or maybe you just consider yourself open-hearted, but one thing we all know is that kindness is beautiful. LOVE IS MAGIC.

There’s so much we can do to feel and share that kindness, beauty, magic & love.

Which brings me to the other thing that I think is integral to being a unicorn (or any magical creature, for that matter!)--imagination. Creativity. Understanding and believing that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR WORLD. Because you absolutely can. Unicorns use their magic like this:


Do you want to fly a hot pink, hot air balloon at a balloon festival? Do you want to read the best book ever and have it last 1,000 pages? Do you want to feel safe? Adventurous? Free?Think about what YOU want. Imagine what you want. Think about how awesome those things are as often as you can.


You may not realize that you get to choose your feelings, but you do. Start by choosing to ALLOW and ACKNOWLEDGE every feeling that you have. Even the ones that hurt. Hug those hurt-y feels. Tell them, “I see you!  I love you because you’re part of me!” (Start using this Unicorn Mantra:  WE ALWAYS, ALWAYS LOVE OURSELVES!) Make a cozy house in your heart where any feeling is welcome to curl up on the couch or wander in the garden as long as they need to. And then let them go. Picture those feelings dissolving like mist, or going “POOF!” into sparkles. Once you’ve honestly felt your feeling, it can be transformed, and turn into energy that’s ready for another job--maybe it will get to be an amethyst’s daydream or an inventor’s idea or the feeling a baby goose has under its mama’s wing. You set it free! Then choose a good feeling, a peaceful, or exhilarated, or just plain happy feeling. Use those thoughts you’ve been choosing, and be like an actor who gets WAY into her part. How would somebody who was flying that hot pink balloon feel? What would it be like with the whoosh of wind on your face, the thrill in your soul, waving to birds? FEEL THAT! Life itself is always listening to you. It tries to give you want you want, and it thinks you want what you FEEL THE MOST OF.


That’s where this blog and everything we’re sharing comes in--I know it takes courage and faith to do YOUR thing, so I want this place to support you! When you need some inspiration, some beauty, some peace, some energy--whatever--I want you to be able to find it here. To feel connected to other unicorns, and seen as the 100% precious, magical being that you are. When the world is too jangly and too much, remember that you’re not too sensitive--YOU’RE A UNICORN! Not only do you have everything you need inside of you, you have love and support and reminders all around you, right here. And please, please, please share if you’ve got ideas for how to make radical kindness and believing in magic TOTALLY NORMAL for everybody in this world!  We’ll each have our own way of going about it, but I KNOW you’re meant to be a part of this big, gorgeous change. Hugs to you, love--unicorns forever!