Dear Unicorn



Dear Young (or Young at Heart!) Unicorn,

My name is Lisa Dulany, and I created How To Be A Unicorn because I'm a unicorn too!  I believe in kindness, beauty, and especially magic--all of which I'm pretty sure we could talk A TON more about in this world, and it would be a happier, better place.  (Any other artists, writers, musicians, inventors, dancers and dreamers out there?  Keep making what you make and doing what you do, boos, 'cause we NEED you!) 

Being a highly sensitive, empathic, creative young person was pretty freaking hard for me.  I cried a lot.  A lot, a lot.  Most of the other kids I knew didn't seem to get me, and I didn't really get them either.  I couldn't understand why this world felt so jangly and harsh, sometimes even cruel.  I couldn't figure out what was so wrong with having emotions (I had really happy ones too!  But those didn't seem to go over any better than the sad...).  I got teased, bullied, and what felt almost worse, just given looks that I knew meant,

"You are so weird."

"You are too different."

If it hadn't been for my favorite books (yes, mostly just books--this was a looong time ago, kids--we're talking 1980's!) I don't think I would have had any way to know that there were other people like me--who had sensitive souls, felt things deeply, and truly, truly believed in love and magic.

So now it's really important to me that if any of this sounds familiar to you, YOU know you're WONDERFUL!  And you're definitely not alone.   (WE ARE GORGEOUSLY WEIRD!  WE ARE A RARE & MAGICAL KIND OF DIFFERENT!)  You better believe that as you grow up you're going to make some pretty amazing unicorn friends (just like I did).  Me and everybody who'll join us for yoga, meditation, interviews, and projects here at How To Be A Unicorn want to start by sending you the biggest, gentlest cosmic hug.

But we're gonna do way more than that!!!

Our blog--this  unicorn world--has been created as a realm of loveliness & love:  We're going to make friends with crystals, find our spirit animals, make flower crowns and go straight up rainbow-crazy.  We're going to learn to meditate, do yoga that makes us feel Ah-mazing, and have one minute dance parties.  We're going to create vision boards, insanely fun journals, dream pillows.  Basically, we're gonna have a super-fun, creative time developing some very nourishing and sweet practices for LOVING & TAKING GOOD CARE OF OURSELVES! We'll be talking about what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person, intuitive, empathic, and how to tell if you're an introvert or an extrovert.  Plus, we're going to be working together on a protocol for what I'm thinking of as Radical Kindness Leadership--this world REALLY NEEDS its unicorns to launch a new way of being and relating--this is where you can make your ideas known on how to create peace, self-expression, and magic for EVERY BEING, and we'll all help each other lead the way!  If you were drawn to How To Be A Unicorn, I believe you are a light-worker, and that's exactly what it sounds like.  It means you need to give yourself tons of love and happiness and wellness and beauty so that it shines right out of you into the world.  And that's what we're doing.  I hope being here fills you up with comfort and inspiration and pure fun.  You deserve to know yourself as the magical creature that you are, and to feel deeply happy and deeply loved.